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Leasing of property

We spot potential properties and opportunities including those that don't yet exist.

The growth and contraction processes that companies experience can require suitable accommo-dation to be found. However complex and challenging your needs may be, Rent-Line has the an-swer. Our years of trusted relationships with property owners, lessors and retailers gives us un-paralleled insight into the market in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Over the past 10 years, we have invested heavily in developing a sizeable network We communicate with the main players in the market and keep a close eye on their movements to ensure you reap the benefits.

Our network means we know straight away when a property is going to be developed, transformed, and/or split up. We often find accommodation for our clients that is not yet available on the general market: properties that no search engine could ever reveal. We combine creativity and experience with a meticulously crafted network to provide you with the very best accommodation solution pos-sible.

We also push the boundaries for you abroad.

Are you a non-Dutch firm looking to put down roots in the Netherlands? Or are you a Dutch firm looking to venture into Belgium or Germany? If so, Rent-Line specializes in facilitating cross-border expansion. We are also experts in property issues stemming from mergers and takeovers, ensur-ing optimal property portfolios in terms of costs.

We truly go the distance for you. There is practically no other Dutch firm that can rival our knowledge of the Belgian and German markets. In fact, we would go as far to say we can provide optimal accommodation in any part of Belgium or Germany.