(Re)negotiations – Rent-Line


Our quality is non-negotiable.

The end of the lease period is one of the most strategically important moments in the relationship with your lessor. Are you looking to extend the lease or have circumstances caused your eye to wander? In either event, you will need someone who knows the tricks of the trade and can get the very best deal from your lessor. That's where Rent-Line comes in.

9 out of 10 negotiations are dominated by the lessor, but we know exactly how to optimally react and conduct ourselves in order to tip the balance. For many years, we have conducted negotia-tions for both established and growing businesses in the Benelux and Germany, with a success rate of 98%. This translates into substantial savings for you: for 98% of our client portfolios, we realized average savings of 20-30%.

Lower rent is not always the best option

Of course, the rent is a major component of the lease, and therefore rent reductions are often a key objective during renegotiations. However, Rent-Line deliberately takes a much longer and broader view. Based on our extensive experience and market research, we have a clear idea of the les-sor's interests and current market prices. We know the negotiators on the opposite side of the table and know the best way to approach them. We also have an extensive and up-to-date database of rents in specific locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. These tools, knowledge and expertise mean we can get more than just lower rents. We can also negotiate rent-free periods or get the lessor to contribute to renovation work.